5.25 ct Untreated Cushion Cut Ceylon Sapphire GIA

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One 5.25 ct untreated natural blue cushion cut sapphire, Type II. Medium dark , moderately strong, blue color GIA B 5/4 - 11.48 x 8.80 x 5.20 mm. GIA color grade B 6/4 - 5/4 - Please see HD video - GIA & FGL report shown with the pictures. SKU 3262 0113500-0919

Beautiful classic cushion cut blue sapphire at 5.25 carat with a long cut is a perfect choice for a new custom engagement ring carrying pure blue hue with excellent saturation gives off stunning luster with no colors outside pure blue hue.

If you are looking at creating your own custom price of jewelry this is a perfect gemstone.

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