GIA Certified 7.03 ct White Radiant Cut No Heat Untreated Ceylon Sapphire - 703-18

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703-18 - 3180
For sale, Rare white radiant cut Ceylon natural no heat untreated sapphire measuring 11.48 x 9.51 x 6.64 mm weight 7.03 carat. Type II, white-colorless GIA color grade W 0/0. With excellent cut & polish. Exquisite 7.03 ct rare untreated no heat white also known as colorless Ceylon natural sapphire for sale, this is a stunning mixed radiant cut sapphire which carries outstanding cut along with polish with no secondary colors with the GIA gemstone grade of W 0/0 (near colorless on GIA report ). Finding pure white untreated no heat sapphire which carry no secondary colors are extremely hard to find, in the past year we have been fortunate to have bought 3 of these sapphires in different cuts and sizes from the mines and markets in Sri Lanka. We do come across many near white sapphires but they always carry a slight hint of color and finding a white sapphire over 7.00 ct's in this mush sought after cut is rare. Sapphires in their purest form are white, only when impurities are found do they start to take on there color, for example almost everyone today associates sapphires to be blue, the blue hue is created when titanium is present when these stones were formed millions of years ago. For a pure white sapphire to form there has to be no impurities present which is why finding colorless sapphires like this is so rare. If you have being looking for that rare natural loose sapphire this is a perfect stone for a custom sapphire engagement ring, we offer hundreds of ring designs all made by our jeweler in your choice of platinum or 18kt gold with your choice of diamonds. From the halo setting to the 3 stone sapphire and diamond ring the choice is yours. We offer a full CAD design service as well as shipping you the sapphire first before we start on making you your new custom ring. Please contact us with any questions you have, we are open 7 days a week with a live person available 24 hrs a day at 727 797 0007 ref sku 703-18 - We always happy to help. GIA W 0/0 - Please see video & GIA report shown with the pictures.
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