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Buyers General Question & Answers

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How much is ring sizing

Ring sizing is a free service we offer to all of our customers ( sizes 4 to 8 )

How much does ring sizing cost

There no charge to size rings from the US sizes 4 to 8.

What if I want different sapphire in a different ring design.

We always happy to custom make any ring design set with any sapphire including a sapphires already set into a ring.

What if a ring I want is sold.

We carry a massive selection of sapphires, if you see a sapphire ring which has sold our jeweler can re-make the same ring design set with a sapphire from our inventory of loose or set sapphires.

What if I don’t see a sapphire or sapphire ring I like

We have new sapphires arriving every 1-2 weeks from our office in Sri Lanka, if you don’t see a sapphire you like contacts us, we keep full list sapphires arriving from Sri Lanka as well as sapphires we have at the GIA. The ring we can make in almost any design by our jeweler set with unlimited selections of diamonds & diamonds cuts.

How long does it take for a custom sapphire ring to be made.

We estimate 4-6 weeks to have a ring custom made & ready for delivery.

What’s the cost from CAD design service.

Free, our CAD designs service is free.

Do I receive any documentation with my sapphire ring.

Yes, almost all of our sapphires come with a GIA report along with appraisal by Gesner GIA gemologist. You will receive the original reports.

What documents come with my sapphire ring

You can see the exact reports & appraisals with the picture shown, almost all of our sapphires come with GIA report & independent appraisal.

Why do you not write your own appraisal?

Even thoughts many jewelry companies appraise there own jewelry we do not feel it’s ethically responsible to do so, always ask for a independent appraisal by a certified GIA gemologists. It’s important to have a certified GIA gemologist to give the value based on the market prices. We carry a full list of certified gemologist for appraising jewelry here in the US.

Why an appraisal by an independent appraiser who certified by the GIA as a G. G gemologist.

Certified GIA G. G gemologist have being trained & educated in most cases for over 3 years in gemstone grading. They typically do not sell jewelry just appraise jewelry, there for have no motive to inflate prices or try to sell from there own store.

What the costs for express shipping.

All shipping is free including international shipping, we ship all of our sapphire ring & loose sapphires by insured FedEx express.

How long does it take to ship once I place my order?

if you don’t require ring sizing all shipments are shipped within 24 hrs from the order. Once shipped most shipments arrive with our custom within 2 days. International shipments takes 2-4 business day depending on the country.

How do I make a return,

Contact our customer support 24/7 and they can email you the FedEx forms to return your sapphire ring or sapphire.

Is shipping returns free.

If you contact us within 2 day’s we pay for the FedEx return shipping.

How do I make a return?

Contact our experienced customer support who can email you the FedEx shipping forms & instructions for returning your purchase.

How much is a real sapphire ring?

A real sapphire ring can be bought for $1500.00 for small blue sapphire under 1.25 CT’s in 14 kt gold ring, from here prices can increase quickly depending on the carat weight and color similar to diamonds as the weight goes up so can the price. The most expensive sapphire ring sold today is at Sotheby’s for $4.06 million USD at 17 carats Kashmir blue sapphire ring.

What is a sapphire ring?

A ring set with a sapphire, their whole array of sapphire rings available & prices vary depending on if you want a real sapphire or synthetic sapphire ring. If you searching for a real sapphire insist on a GIA report almost all sapphire rings sold are not natural.

How can I tell if a sapphire is real?

The simple answer is a gemology report by a recognized laboratory such as the GIA or AGL, unfortunately determining whether a sapphire is real or fake is not easy as one might think with most reports by small companies who say they natural normally not worth the paper it's written on. Reports from the GIA (Gemological Institute America) are inexpensive most honest jewelry companies shouldn’t have a problem providing a sapphire report. Without a gemology report, it’s prudent to treat a sapphire as fake or synthetic.

What’s most expensive color of a sapphire?

Unless you looking at a blue Kashmir sapphire the most valuable color is a Padparadscha sapphire, outside a ruby it’s the only sapphire given another name, the Padparadscha is a mix of yellow, orange & red some people say it takes on the color of a perfect sunset with a lotus blossom hue.

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