5.11 ct Untreated Ruby Platinum Ring, GIA - 2365

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For sale, ONE LADIES PLATINUM RING CONTAINING A MODIFIED OVAL BRILLIANT CUT RED RUBY MEASURING 9.64 x 8.20 x 7.48 mm WEIGHING 5.11 carat. IT IS SET WITH APPROXIMATELY 1.42 ct"s OF VVS-2 - VS-1 CLARITY E - F COLOR BAGUETTE CUT DIAMONDS ALL SIDES. Please see pictures to view GIA report & appraisal GIA oR 5/5 - Please see HD video With this stunning untreated ruby at 5.11 carat carries excellent color and saturation being given the highest GIA grade for both tone and saturation at 5/5 with a slight hint of orange giving this one fine gemstone its outstanding color & luster. This natural ruby carries a mixed oval cut shape with sharper facets on the corners giving a mixed oval cut, this ruby has being perfectly set into this stunning one of a kind platinum and diamond ring set with 1.42 ct's of VVS E-F color baguette cut diamonds set perfectly inline on both the front of the ring shank as well as the sides creating a unique look. If you have being looking for a no heat untreated ruby ring with both the right hue and size this setting would make a wonderful choice, whether for an engagement ring or to mark that special anniversary this stunning ring would make not only be a setting to be loved for day to day wear but also become a valuable herolium to be passed down from generations to come. Untreated rubies today are very rare with so many rubies being sold today have being chemically enhanced using extreme heat which is why it's so important to have a GIA report, finding a natural ruby in this size and color are very rare which can be seen in pricing for these stones when available in stores or online, here you will see price's for our natural ruby rings and custom sapphire rings well below wholesale prices. We do this by buying our stones directly from our own offices in Sri Lanka along with frequent trips each year. This stunning untreated ruby and platinum ring would make both a perfect ruby engagement ring or a stunning extravagant gift, for more details on this stunning ring settings contact us at 727 797 0007. We offer over 300+ ring design which we can have made for this GIA certified ruby if this one ring design is not to your taste we are always very happy to answer any questions or concerns you have. Gemology report updated 05-01-15
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