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3.03 ct Pair Untreated Blue Emerald Cut Sapphire's 6.06 tcw GIA

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Two natural untreated 3.03 ct blue emerald cut natural Ceylon sapphire, Type II. Medium dark, strong, blue color GIA B 6/5 Sapphire 1) size 8.43 x 7.09 x 5.44 mm Sapphire 2 size 8.44 x 6.98 x 5.58 mm Its extremely rare to find two sapphires in the same color and cut with a similar carat weight, emerald cut sapphires are among the rarest cuts and very hard to find as natural sapphires, to have two loose sapphires not only with the exact carat weight but almost identical sizes along with the same tone, saturation in a pure blue hue is a once is a lifetime opportunity with the GIA gemstone color grade of B 6/5. These two sapphire have a combined total cart weight at 6.06 ct's and would be a perfect setting for either a custom engagement ring or the person who collects rare untreated Ceylon sapphires. If you have being considering a custom diamond sapphire ring these two gems complete each other perfectly. Video 1 sapphire 1 Video 2 sapphire 2 Both sapphires have the same GIA color grade B 6/5 - GIA reports can be seen with the pictures and come with both of the sapphires.
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