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Pink Sapphire Diamond Ring-3.03 ct Oval Cut - Platinum 950 GIA


Pink sapphire ring
Pink Sapphire Diamond Ring Pink sapphire ring Pink platinum sapphire ring platinum sapphire ring Natural pink sapphire ring platinum sapphire ring platinum ring platinum sapphire ring in finger Pink Diamond Ring size GIA certified of sapphire ring Pink sapphire with fancy Box GIA certified of Pink sapphire ring

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Pink Sapphire Diamond Ring-3.03 ct Oval Cut - Platinum 950 GIA


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“ Over 1,000 Custom Sapphire Rings Sold “

Retail price : $9,600.00
Wholesale price: $4,780.00 Why our prices are so low ?

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For sale, New platinum 950 ring set with oval cut natural pink Ceylon sapphire, measuring 9.10 x 7.80 x 4.99 mm with a carat weight of 3.03 ct. Type II, light, moderately strong red color GIA R 3/4.
set with 28 round brilliant cut diamonds at 0.55 ct's & 4 baguette cut diamonds at 0.16 cts with total diamond weight of 0.71 tcw VS-si clarity G-H color.

GIA gemstone color grade - GIA R 3/4 - Please see HD video.

Rich pink to salmon pink Ceylon natural sapphire ring set with stunning 3.03 carat oval cut natural Ceylon sapphire carrying light tone with strong saturation gives off this stunning luster and saturation.
This sapphire carries the GIA gemstone grade of R 3/4 when viewed under florescent lighting this sapphire takes on this rich salmon to pinkish hue coupled with the excellent cut & polish gives this one sapphires its stunning luster.

Our master jeweler has created this stunning platinum 950 diamond ring set with twenty eight round cut diamonds as both a halo as well as accenting down both sides of the ring shank perfectly set with two baguette cut diamonds each side.

If you have being is search for that one of a kind pink sapphire engagement ring or a perfect gift for the sapphire lover this is a perfect setting for you, at wholesale ref sku 3240,

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Additional Information

BrandSapphire Ring Co.TM
Clarity and ColorExcellent
Carat Total Weight3.03 ct
CutOval cut
Cut and PolishExcellent
DiamondsSouth Africa
Diamond Cut28 round brilliant cut diamonds & 4 baguette cut diamonds
Diamond Weight0.71 cts
Exact Carat Total Weight3.74 tcw
G.I.A CertifiedGIA report & GIA G. G appraisal
Main StoneSapphire
Main Stone ColorSalmon pink - GIA R 3/4
Main Stone TreatmentNatural gentle heat only
Metal Purity950
Rings FinishNew custom
OriginSri Lanka (ceylo) - Sapphire
Ring Size6
Ring's Weight7.00 grams
Treatments100% Natural mined sapphire


This is a outstanding natural oval cut pink sapphire with slight undertone of orangery pink giving this sapphires is stunning color the same as the padparadsch sapphires,

the cut and polish are excellent as is the luster given off by a strong saturation of color with even tone creates this stunning stone. We have chosen to set this sapphire into this beautiful platinum 950 custom ring set with a halo of hand set round brilliant cut diamonds which accent down the ring shank with two baguette cut diamonds which accent this sapphire perfectly with a total gemstone weight of 0.71 cts.

This is ring setting is truly a master piece of quality and workmanship, this ring of course would make a very precious gift whether it is for a engagement or a special occasion, whatever your reasons are this ring will become a valuable heirloom for many years to come. You will receive the original laboratory GIA report with this listing & gemology appraisal shown with the pictures.

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Ring size chart for guide only, we recommend contacting us if you are not 100% sure on your ring size.

US/CanadaCircumference InchesCircumference MMGreat Britain/Uk/AustraliaGermanyFranceJapan
1 1/21.5840.2C12 3/440 1/2 
1 3/41.6141.0C 1/2  1 3/4
21.6441.5D13 1/441 1/22
2 1/41.6441.6D 1/2 42 1/22 1/2
2 1/21.6842.7E13 3/442 3/43
2 3/41.6942.9E 1/2 43 1/43 3/4
3 1/41.7644.77F 3/4 455
3 1/21.7945.4G14 1/245 1/4 
3 3/41.8245.4G 1/2 46 1/26
41.8446.5H 1/21546 1/27
4 1/41.8747.4H 1/2 47 3/47 1/2
4 1/21.8947.8;I 1/215 1/447 3/48
4 3/41.91548.7;J 49 1/48 2/3
51.9449.0J 1/215 3/4499
5 1/41.9749.9K 50 3/49 3/4
5 1/21.9950.2L1650 1/4 
5 3/42.0251.2L 52 1/411
62.0451.5M16 1/251 1/212
6 1/42.0752.5M 53 1/412
6 1/22.0952.8N1752 3/413
6 3/42.1253.8N 54 3/413 1/2
72.1554.0N 1/217 1/45414
7 1/42.1755.0O 5614 1/2
7 1/22.1955.3O 1/217 1/255 1/215
7 3/42.2256.3P 5715 1/2
82.2556.6P 1/21856 3/416
8 1/42.2757.6Q 5816 1/2
8 1/22.357.8Q 1/218 1/25817
8 3/42.3258.9R 59 1/417 1/2
92.3559.1R 1/21959 1/418
9 1/42.3760.1S 60 3/418 1/2
9 1/22.460.3S 1/219 1/260 1/219
9 3/42.4261.4T 61 3/419 3/4
102.4661.6T 1/22061 3/420
10 1/42.4762.7U 62 3/421
10 1/22.562.8U 1/220 1/462 3/422
10 3/42.5264.0V 63 3/422 3/4
112.5764.1V 1/220 3/464 1/423
11 1/42.5765.2W 65 1/423 1/2
11 1/22.6166.0W 1/2216624
11 3/42.6266.5X 66 3/424 1/2
122.6667.2Y21 3/467 1/425
12 1/42.6767.8Y 68 1/425 1/2
12 1/22.6968.4Z  26
12 3/42.7269.1Z 1/2 6926 1/2
132.7469.7Z 1/222 27

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