Yellow Cushion Sapphire 13.36 ct-Platinum Diamond Ring

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ONE LADIES PLATINUM RING CONTAINING A UNTREATED MIXED CUSHION CUT YELLOW CEYLON SAPPHIRE MEASURING 13.97 x 11.24 x 8.30 mm WEIGHING 12.36 carat TYPE II ,CLARITY IS EYE CLEAN, MEDIUM LIGHT, MODERATELY STRONG, YELLOW COLOR. IT IS SET WITH APPROXIMATETLY 1.00 ct's OF VS - Si CLARITY G - H COLOR 8 BAGUETTE CUT DIAMOND'S BOTH SIDES. GIA Color grade - GIA Y 4/4 When looking for that perfect untreated no heat yellow sapphire there are a multitude of options you need to take into consideration, from tone, saturation, level of balance of the color throughout the whole gemstone along with how well that sapphires being facted and polished all play a important & essential role. Only when these all full into to place do you end up with a rare sapphire like this stunning gem, the level of tone and saturation throughout this sapphire is second to none along with the incredible cut and polish leaves this sapphire with strong lustrer as well as brilliance which is so important with yellow sapphires like this.This sapphires meets the criteria on every count. This sapphire has being mistaken for a canary diamond by both jewelers and customers, that's when you know you have the perfect stone with no secondary colors outside pure yellow proudly carrying the GIA gemstone color grade of Y 4.4. ( Please see GIA color grading scale under of educational pages ) When looking for a ring we wanted a setting which would show off the sapphire without distracting away from the sapphires overall natural beauty, working alongside our master jeweler he created this stunning custom solid platinum ring, made with the wide think shank with 4 large tapered baguette cut diamonds set each side accenting both the ring and this sapphire with double claw prongs securing this sapphire in place at each corner. This ring has being made to last for generations to come, loved by the owner and admired by all he see her, overall this is a stunning rare large 12.36 carat Ceylon yellow sapphire perfectly set and for sale wholesale. If you have any questions on this or any of our ceylon sapphire ring settings please call our office, both on our online store & office is open 24/7 and we always happy to answer any questions you have @ 727 797 0007. If you are looking for that perfect yellow sapphire engagement ring or for mark that special anniversary this one ring is a masterpiece of mother nature and fine custom ring. Ref sku 2773 This Sapphire & Diamond ring has being fully & independently Appraised by a GIA G. G Gemologist & the GIA laboratory in California.
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