Sapphires from Sri Lanka to the GIA

This is a short video on how we buy sapphires in Sri Lanka and how they go from the markets there to us here in the US then off to the GIA and back. Here we have 5 of about 40 sapphires we recently bought on our last trip to Sri Lanka, once we have looked through thousands of sapphires in the market's handpicking only the very best gems, we then have each sapphire tested by the FGL ( French Gemological Laboratory ) for a report to show the sapphire is a natural gemstone and if they were exposed to any treatments, the only sapphire we buy are untreated sapphires or natural heat only. Then sent off to the Sri Lankan gem corporation where they are documented and recorded before being shipped back to us here in the United States was the sapphire is cheeked by our gemologist here and then shipped to the GIA for there final report.

Here we have 5 sapphires which have just arrived back from the GIA in Carlsbad in California, this set of 5 sapphires have there own GIA report with the factual information one should always ask for when choosing any fine gem especially a natural sapphire so you know that the money you are spending is for a true natural stone, the GIA along with the AGL is the leading authority of gemstone identification and the only labs you should look for when buying a real sapphire ring. When you see the report you will see some basic information from the sapphire's color, size, carat weight and most importunately a) if the sapphire is a natural stone and b) if the sapphire has been exposed to any treatments. Some people get a gemology report mixed up with an appraisal, with a gemology report you looking for just facts on the sapphire you are considering and when you looking at spending thousands of dollars on your sapphire ring a report from the GIA is an essential part of the purchase whereas an appraisal for valuation. The sapphire shown here is a natural untreated color change sapphire and considered to one of the rarer sapphire ones can see, looking at the GIA report you will see two pictures of this sapphire, one under incandescent lighting and the second picture shown is under fluorescent lighting showing this sapphire's color from a bluish violet changing to purple color.

If you looking at buying a natural sapphire you would want the report to say no indications of heating or heated, if there disclose other treatments under the comment area then you will know that this sapphire has being exposed of other treatments like diffusion with these sapphires carry values similar to synthetic sapphires and regarded as not a true natural stone. It's estimated that over 80% of natural sapphires sold here in the US by jewelers online and in-store have being exposed to this man-made treatment making a report from a laboratory like the GIA essential when looking at any natural sapphire ring.

When we looking at buying our natural sapphires color is the major factor when choosing the right stone and this carries the value and desirability as long as its untreated or natural heat only, today about 60-70% of our sapphire rings for sale are untreated.

With these 5 sapphires now they back from the GIA we work with Nicole our CAD designer along with our master jeweler to create a custom made ring for each one of these five sapphires typically in platinum 950 but we have made rose gold, white gold, and combination of both, we will take into account the sapphire cut and color when looking at a unique diamond ring which take around 12 weeks to make. From when these sapphires were first hand picked to having a custom ring made and ready for sale takes around 4 to 6 months in total time. Here I have two 3 stone sapphire rings set with cushion-cut blue sapphires with GIA reports for both the sapphire and the diamonds,the first sapphire ring is a lovely rich 5.48 ct vivid to royal blue with two cushion-cut diamonds D color VVS clarity with the second 3 stone platinum ring the sapphires more of a royal blue untreated and set with two GIA certified diamonds E color VVS with both rings made from platinum 950 with custom gallery.

The last platinum ring is one our jeweler has just finished in platinum 950 set with 4 large baguette-cut diamonds with 4 round brilliant cut diamonds down both sides of the ring shank. This ring is now with the jeweler having a stunning vivid blue emerald cut sapphire at 3.35 cts and should be ready for sale in the next few weeks with the GIA report and appraisal by Gesner appraisal services.

I hope this video has to be helpful, this is going to be one of many new videos coming to give information from how we buy our sapphires to custom rings being made. If you have questions on any of our Ceylon sapphire rings please contact us at any time and I hope this video has to be helpful.