Colombia's World-Famous Gems


Rough Colombian Emerald crystal

Colombia is world famous for its gems, especially for it's fine emeralds. Sapphires mined from Columbia are of very high quality with excellent color and clarity. Many of the mining regions of Columbia are being controlled by the revolutionary armed forces (FARC). As a result, this conflict has made it very difficult and dangerous to bring gemstones from Columbia to market. Very few sapphires will find it into the gem trading market. If they do happen to make it to market, they will normally be bought and prized by collectors.

1.20 ct Emerald cut Colombian Emerald

Strip mining is a common practice in Columbia. In some of areas where gem stones are found, strip mining has destroyed much of the land. Even though strip mining can produce high yields of gem stones, the negative environmental impact is costly. This irreversible process will remove 1000's of years of top soil from the country.

Sapphire Ring Company will not buy gem stones from Colombia. We still do have high hopes for the future of all the gem mining in Colombia once this country becomes stable again by implementing much needed laws of safe mining procedures, renewable land, ban on strip mining and a open and fair trade markets with adult only labor.

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