European Gemological Services | EGS

The EGL ( European Gemological Services ) have being appraising and reporting on gem stones and Diamond reports for over 25 years. They offer this service to both the Trade and Consumer offering both full reports and brief reports using highly trained gem gemologist as well as some of the latest equipment for detecting new and old treatment which many gem stones are exposed to today.

AGL Report 5" x 3.25" ( Brief report they also offer full reports including country of origin )

They also offer a unique service using the worlds most advanced laser inscription technology using " cold laser process " they can inscribe into the Sapphire the reports number along with a message or logo into the gem stone with a full guarantee never to chip or crack.

This will not only protect the gem stone or diamond but allows you to add a message ( please note that this insertion is microscopic and only be detected with very powerful micro scopes). The EGL are experts in Gem stone identification as well as offering country of origin reports, please contact us at Sapphire Ring Co for more information on the AGL and there services.

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