The GIT are today one of the most advanced laboratories in the world for both Diamond and Gem stone grading and identification. They offer full reports on all gem stones as well as Diamonds and have become recognized the world over for having the most advanced testing equipment on site. The GIT have a full training school for gemology and along with the GIA are recognized for the most comprehensive training classes to become a full graduate gemologist in both Diamond and gem stones.

GIT Gem Stone Report

Today its estimated that Thailand is responsible for 80% of the words supply of Gem stones mainly from the capital of Bangkok & the city of Chanthaburi ( City of gems ). Gem stones from every corner of the world today are bought, traded and sold here making Thailand the place for large Gem corporations as well as laboratories to be based here.

1.40 ct heart cut Sapphire From Thailand.

Today Sapphire Ring Co recognizes the GIT along with the GIA and AIGS as being at the fore front of gem stone identification, with so many Gem stones being chemically enhanced and treated all of these laboratories have offices and schooling here in Thailand were sadly today this is where many of these treatments are being carried out. Please contact us here at Sapphire Ring Co if you would like any further information on the GIT or any of the laboratories which are listed under our LAB section.

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