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How Sapphires Are Mined

Today there are 3 main ways in which sapphires are mined, open mines or shallow pit mines which you will find in countries like Sri Lanka and Madagascar, then there are the larger commercial mines in countries like Australia and Thailand where large deposits of conundrum (sapphire's) are found both gem quality and commercial grade, these mines can be vast in size and depth and are today run mainly by large gem corporations. Finally one of the worst type of mining which is being used in south America today as well as some countries in Africa is high water pressure mining,this type of mining trips away the top soil followed by the gem bearing rocks and gravel beds leaving the land bear & desolate. This type of mining can yield high quantities of rough gem stones but permanently destroys the land and has become the most destructive form on mining today, Sapphire Ring Co boycotts ALL countries where this mining practice is carried out today.

Please read our pages on countries-origins where Sapphires & Rubies are found today, we almost exclusively buy all of our sapphires and rubies from Sri Lanka which has some of the best practice in both mining and land conservation protecting both the environment and people of today and the future


The mining in these pictures is carried out by a small corporative of small business men who all work together and share the sale of sapphires and rubies which are found.This kind of mining can yield around 40 ct's of small sapphires (1.50-2.00 ct's ) every year and only one or two larger sapphires 3.00 to 4.00 ct's each year.

I would like to show with all of this work there are very few sapphires found,many people think its a case of digging a whole and picking gems out of the soil but the reality is over a month they might only find 2-3 sapphires of gem quality which can be traded and sold at the markets.



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