Metals Used for our Jewelry A to Z

Gold, Platinum and other precious metals are widely used for all types of jewelry This is some information explaining the gold,Platinum and the alloys which we use for our jewelry as well as explaining some facts about these precious metals.
The "K" refers to Karat, meaning the percentage of gold used within the metal.

10 KT Gold is the lowest carat amount of gold which can be found in jewelry in the US and still legally be called "gold" any gold below 10 KT can not be classed as gold due the amount of gold falling below the minimum standard set out by the US standard weights and measures. 10 KT gold contains 41.7% pure gold or 10/24 meaning 24 kt which is 99.99% pure gold. You will however see gold lower than 10 Kt especially in Europe today were 9 kt and even 8 kt Gold has become more popular due the high prices gold has reached over recent years.

14 kt Gold is the standard today and widely used for making jewelry.14 kt gold is 58.3% pure gold within the metal. 14 kt Gold is extremely durable and is used for all aspects of jewelry making from fine watches to rings and is perfectly suited to everyday wear.

18 KT Gold has a higher percentage of gold to 10 and 14 kt gold and is 75% pure gold ( 18/24) Almost all of our jewelry is cast in 18 kt gold if yellow it carries a beautiful rich color and carry's a nice balance in weight .However as each ring is custom made to each piece it its always the customers choice.

10 KT

14 KT



White Gold

White Gold

WhiteGold is an alloy of both gold,nickel,silver or palladium. whether its 10 kt,14 kt or 18 kt Gold it will still carry the same percentages as yellow gold ( example 18 kt white gold will have 75% pure yellow gold with the balance of alloys made up of the following white base alloys ) White gold can carry a slight hint of yellow to it depending on the percentage of gold present we have all of our white gold ring finished with rhodium which gives each piece of jewelry a very sharp and silver sparking finish. White gold has become extremely popular over the past 10 years with all of our customers and you will see a wide selection of 18 kt white gold sapphire and diamond ring settings.

White Gold

Rose Gold

Rose Gold Can be a wonderful choice of gold we use this in most cases when a sapphire will benefit from the unique color of rose gold " also known as pink gold" Rose gold is pure yellow gold with the balance of the base metals being copper and being 18 kt gold would be 75% yellow gold with 25% copper. We have used yellow gold with our yellow sapphires as well as pink ssapphires and can be combination with yellow gold and white gold please contact our custom department with any questions or request.

Rose Gold



Palladium is part of the platinum family of metals,Palladium is used by some of our customers as a substitute for platinum it carry's a excellent white finish and will not require rhodium finishing you will find with white gold. Because of palladium’s excellent bio compatibility, it is also a excellent choice for people with allergies to gold alloys.



Platinumis a very hard alloy as well as being the most valuable, we use platinum for most of our finest sapphires as well as many custom orders. Its extremely durable and with many of our customers it is the first choice especially if you are looking at passing the piece of jewelry down as a heirloom. We are unique in the fact our jewelers are able to offer platinum jewelry in PT 900 as well as PT 950, 900-90% pure where as 950 is 95% pure platinum.
PT 950 is used for all of our platinum custom sapphire rings today but we do offer platinum 900 at customers request.

Green Gold

Green Gold is not widely used today and has high proportion of silver or cadmium, you will some times see green gold referred to as " mellow yellow " with a sating finish to it and can be some times seen with a cabochon cut sapphire.

Blue Gold

Blue Gold carry's some iron and is very rarely used today for jewelry

Gray Gold

Gray Gold contains 15-20% iron and is rarely used today for jewelry

Please contact us with any questions on any of our Gold and Platinum alloys we offer.

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